Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Vinyl sheet flooring is one of the most popular floor coverings in America. It is widely used in kitchens, bathrooms, health centers, and businesses. Vinyl is mostly used on high traffic areas because it’s durable, wetness resistant, and provides easier maintenance than most other floor coverings. This flooring option is economical both to install and to give maintenance. Sheet flooring comes in a roll that you can trim to the dimension of the room. It is fairly easy to install and comes in large varieties of colors and patterns. This flooring can provide your with the rich look without the price tag.

Vinyl sheets are made by applying a liquid on a backing, vinyl foam core, decorative, and lastly on a clear vinyl sheet. This process produces multi-layered vinyl flooring sheets. These sheets are cured in an oven. After, in some instances, a thin coating of urethane is applied.

Maintenance for this floor should include daily sweeping to get rid of dirt. Damp or wet mopping should be done with neutral cleaner. If any spillage should occur be sure to clean it with a cloth and warm water before the liquid dries. To avoid any stains caused by dirt and oil from the street place mats on entrances. Be sure these mats are not rubber or foam backed as they can stain your floors.

In businesses, your floors will need spray-buffing as well as an application of good quality floor polish. The buffing and polish will help shield the floor against staining and provide a beautiful appearance. On stained floors stripping is a great option. Follow the product’s instructions on polish removal.

As you can see this type of flooring is easy maintain, thus, leaving you more time to relax or spend time doing what you love.

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