Travertine Tile Cleaning

Travertine Tile Cleaning

Travertine tile has been around throughout many centuries during the time of the ancient Greek and roman empires. The roman coliseum is a great testimony as to the durability of the stone. Travertine is related to both marble and limestone. It formed in underground springs or rivers. The water carries minerals that accumulate after many years including calcium carbonate. This way ensuing a hard but smooth stone. This stone is characterized by it’s porous surface. After the stone is processed the result is a smooth and refined. The stone practically exudes an old world glamour and beauty. The stone usually comes in a yellowish brown color but untainted it comes in white. Travertine is found in Italy and Turkey but is a very popular material around the globe.

If you own or planning to install travertine tile the following tips will help you maintain your floor pristine and beautiful. In floor cleaning, do not clean your floors with acid cleaners. This includes vinegar, grout, bathroom, tub or even tile cleaners.

First, you need to dust mop or vacuum the floors. When vacuuming use brush extension or glider. The mop should not contain any chemicals or treatments.

Wet mop by using a mop or rag and bucket. Use only a neutral cleaner or another product specially made for travertine floors. Do not use excess cleaner or your will be left with streaking.

Finish up with a dry mop to wife away any streaks or excess water.

You should dust mop your floors regularly. Use neutral or stone cleaner. Rinse and dry your floors after wet mopping. Wipe away any spillage immediately. Consider using rugs or mats in entrances to shield away your floors from harm. Keeping your floors in good condition is simple once you follow the tips mentioned above and could save you money in repairs.

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