Mexican Tile Cleaning

Mexican Tile Cleaning

Mexican tile is hand made and fired at very low temperatures because of this their appearance is irregular. They are not always flat, or symmetrically squared, and their color varies. Even their porosity varies because they are left to bake out on the sun where the temperature can fluctuate. Sometimes you can even see animal paws or straw on the tiles! This makes for a very special floor but with some maintenance required.

This type of tile is perfect for kitchens and other casual rooms. Mexican tile is a form of terra cotta which is very porous. This means that your floors can absorb dirt and liquids that regular cleaners will not reach. Be sure that you properly seal the floor upon installation for better stain resistance. Even the installer can stain the tile with the body oil in his hands when the tile is not sealed. This porosity can also be used to your advantage. In case you end up not liking the color of the tile you can change by using wood stain, natural stone color enhancer, and water based paint. Note: using some of these chemicals may damage the tile’s ability to hold on to other coatings applied after.

You can also install this tile on outdoor patios in warm regions. This is not recommended for those who live in colder regions because of the tile’s capability to absorb moisture.

If the floor is not properly sealed damp mopping or stripping will cause it to bleed. Shield your floors from too much moisture, severe chemicals , and profound maintenance.

Sweep or dust mop your floors regularly . Lightly scrub floor as needed. When damp mopping never utilize a superfluous amount of water. Use a similar polish or sealant on worn away areas to keep your floors properly sealed. This will lengthen the life of the sealer and make repairs trifling.

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