How To Clean Terrazo Flooring

Terrazo Flooring

Terrazzo flooring is not something new it has been used since the Golden Age of Rome. Terrazzo is mosaic effect flooring and can sometimes even be used as wall covering. It was most popular in the United States around the 1950’s to the 1970’s in the beautiful sunny state of Florida. Terrazzo requires such little maintenance that it you can only blemish it by forgetting to maintain it or not quite understanding how this floor needs to be cared for.

Terrazzo is made by combining one part cement and two parts marble. In the course of the installation, more marble pieces are scattered on the surface so that the marble is more visible than the cement. This cement portion of the flooring is what needs to be given upkeep since this material is very porous and can soak up stains with ease. If this is likely to be a problem in your home you can select a terrazzo with a different resin that can stand up to stains easily.

If you are installing terrazzo in your home for the firs t time make sure that the installation technician properly seals your flooring. Until this process is done your flooring is uncompleted and needs shielded from anything that can injure it.

Waxing terrazzo is pointless because protecting your floor should begin on the inside not the exterior. Besides, waxing can only provisionally shield or protect terrazzo; on the other hand, it can deteriorate easily and lead to dangerously slippery floors.

Terrazzo only needs to be resealed if daily maintenance and polish fall short on restoring it’s original sheen.

If you have recently moved into an elder home where the terrazzo floor needs to restored you need to begin by removing any wax or coating on the floor. When you are finished make sure you thoroughly rinse the area to remove the stripper. Select a terrazzo infiltrating sealant and spread a fine layer over the floor. Wait until the floor is completely dry and proceed to buff using an electric polishing machine.

To maintain your floors in good condition use the following guidelines for everyday care:

  • Do floor cleaning regularly to get rid of dust which can perform like an abrasive on your floors.
  • Use neutral cleaning solutions only or products especially made for terrazzo material. Follow the manufacturer’s indications for use.
  • When mopping the floor change water regularly.
  • Don’t used an oiled mop or sweeping solution. Oil can discolor you floors.
  • Dust and sweep daily to reduce weekly maintenance.
  • Clean spills immediately to prevent stains.
  • Buff your floor with an electronic polisher to restore sheen.

If you follow these guidelines your terrazzo flooring will preserve that beautiful natural sheen.

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