How To Clean Pergo Flooring

Pergo Flooring

Pergo flooring is a type of laminate flooring. It is a brand for laminate flooring that is known very well around the U.S.. Pergo is the economical way to achieve a beautiful hardwood floor look. It also is easier to maintain and no polishing required!

If you are considering installing or already have the floor installed you should know that the worst enemy of your floor is water or any other form of liquid. It is very import to safeguard your floors against water because It can penetrate in between the joints of the planks and may cause swelling in the core. This may cause buckling, warping, and blistering of your floors.

In wet areas such as the bathroom and kitchen there is the necessity to seal and use the flooring glue carefully.

Pergo flooring does not have an attraction to soil or debris. In floor cleaning, regular dust moping or vacuuming will take of the dust. Once in awhile you can damp mop your floors. This would take care of the daily maintenance.

For grease, wine, or juice stains use the following concoction: one cup of vinegar for every gallon of water. You can dip the mop or rag into the mixture. Squeeze excess water out and let it dry. When the mop or rag is damp clean the stained area carefully.

To clean lipstick, paint, crayon marks, and cigarette burns spot treat with regular nail polish remover.

To remove gum or candle residue: first, place ice over it to solidify, then, remove with a plastic scraper.

Prevent scratches and denting by placing rubber or felt pads under each furniture extremity. You can also place rugs in entrances to prevent dirt or sand from damaging your floors. Make sure that these rugs are non-slip and that the backing does not stain your floors. If own pets it would be a good idea to trim their nails because they can also scratch your floors.

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