Decorative Concrete Floor Cleaning

Decorative Concrete Floor

Decorative concrete floor is probably not something you are very familiar with which is normal because its popularity is just beginning. Concrete, as many people know it, is lackluster and uninspiring, but that’s all changing with modern day technology. Nowadays, there are more options to treat concrete to leave it looking beautiful and stylish. It can be adorned with an assortment of colors or it can be stamped to create a pattern. This flooring option is becoming a trend in basements, apartments , and also more commercial buildings. If your basement tends to get a bit damp, concrete flooring is the best option for you.

Below are some ways you can modernize your existing or new concrete floor.

Chemical staining: chemicals treat the lime content of concrete the results vary but looks good when finished.

Scoring: This process is done by making cuts onto the stone and creating a pattern. You can choose many different shapes to cut onto your floor.

Stamping: This procedure can only be done on freshly poured concrete. The setting concrete is stamped and made to look like a different floor covering by using flex or rigid patterns. You can choose to color, he concrete after the stamping, to look like the other flooring options.

To care for decorative concrete floor you need to determine the amount of traffic it receives and what are your floor’s worst enemies. To prevent staining or blemishes from happening make sure you properly seal the floor and clean it regularly.

Daily dusting is key to preserve the beauty of your polished floor. The use of mats or rugs can drastically extend the longevity and beautiful appearance of your floors. Damp mop floors as needed with a neutral cleaner. Using other cleaning chemicals on your floor can damage their appearance. By maintaining your floors in good condition not only will you save money but also save yourself of the annoyance of repairing a damaged floor.

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