Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring

I know what you might be thinking just now and yes cork can be used as flooring material. In fact, the Library of Congress has cork flooring. As crazy as it may sound cork is not only used in the form of bottle stoppers anymore. It is growing in popularity and each day modern construction companies are using it because of its many benefits.

Cork is resilient and comfortable to stand on. Not only that, it also provides durability. The same Library of Congress which was built in 1800 proves that cork indeed is a durable material.

Cork is also beneficial to the health of people who suffer from respiratory illnesses. It is hypoallergenic and repels the growth of mold and mildew. This type of flooring does not attract dust, pollen, and do not emit any toxins which may lessen your burden in floor cleaning.

This material helps reduce electricity costs because it acts like a hindrance against extreme cool or warm temperatures. It is perfect for basements because it is always at a comfortable temperature.

Cork can be used practically on every room of your home or business. If you plan to use it on a kitchen or bathroom be sure to use a sealant.

If you have cork flooring in your home be sure that you place pads under each furniture extremity to prevent scratches. Do not drag heavy object on the floor. Place mats under sinks and entrances. Water, dirt, and grit are your floors adversaries. Never let any spillage rest on your floors. Sweep and vacuum frequently. Use only products designed for cork flooring care. If your floor is wax finished dry or damp mop them. You can use solvent wax to preserve that glossy finish.

Regular maintenance of your floors will help them live a longer life and keep them looking as stunning as when you first installed it.

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